How Do You Stoka?

Stoka is not just another “health” bar.  

We created a nutrition bar that would work for all lifestyles. And we truly mean all

We understand that everyone is different and unique, and so we desired to make products that would celebrate that fact yet still be able to accommodate everyone. 

To prove that, just look at our amazing community.

There are so many Stoka Snackers in our community, and, in fact, there are also many different types of athletes that regularly enjoy Stoka products. Each person enjoys a slightly different way of living. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t all enjoy Stoka products.

Because no matter your diet, no matter your workout regimen or training routine, no matter your lifestyle, Stoka works for you!

So, the question isn’t will Stoka work for you, but rather how do you Stoka

Let’s check out some top athletes that answer that question for themselves:

1. Yeison Berdugo

Yeison is an active Pro MMA fighter and the owner of Yayyoo Fitness—an MMA gym in Rhode Island.

2. Geoffrey Bond

Geoffrey is a Bodybuilding athlete from Arlington, Texas. He is currently preparing for an NPC National Show.

3. Ben Williams

Ben is an Elite Rider for Giant Bicycles USA. He races a few marquee events around the nation and will soon travel to race abroad in New Zealand.

You see, each one of these athletes has such a different training, eating, and living regimen. A body builder will not live the same way as an MMA fighter who will not live the same way as a cyclist. Yet every single one of these people—and many more— use and enjoy Stoka products as part of their healthy lifestyle. 

We created our products to be dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb, paleo-friendly, vegan, and non-GMO… just to name a few. But more importantly, we made our products to be more than just keto-friendly or full of natural ingredients; we made them to be more “krunchy” and full of flavor. Two things that everyone can definitely enjoy!

So, the question really then becomes:

How will you Stoka?

Check out our nutrition bars and almond cereal to answer that question for yourself. 


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