Your Go-To Healthy Back-to-School Snack Ideas

Summer is winding down which means that all of the back-to-school festivities are starting up. You’re busy gathering your kids’ schedules, shopping for school supplies, and getting everything ready for the first day of school. But one important part you may have overlooked are: the snacks!

Between everything else that is going on, you don’t want to waste any time searching for healthy snacks that are you-approved AND kid-approved. You know, snacks and nutritional bars that aren’t actually just another glorified candy bar. More importantly, snacks that will keep your kids full of energy (without the sugar crashes), contain ingredients you’re happy to give them, and still taste good. 

That’s why we started Stoka. We set out to make a nutritional bar that was different from the rest—simple and healthy, yet still delicious—and we are proud of what we’ve created. A keto-, paleo-, and diabetic-friendly, low-carb, dairy-free, nutrition bar (we’ve also now added almond cereal and sugar-free sprinkles to our list). Our goal is to create products that everyone in your family can enjoy because we care about the health of your family just like you do. 

While kids tend to be pickier when it comes to food, we want to provide you with snacks that your kids—even the picky eaters—will eat and enjoy. So, here are some quick and easy healthy kids’ snack ideas(and if your kids share, you might’ve even found your new healthy snack for work too!)

  1.   Stoka Bars

Our bars are the perfect keto-friendly snack for you or your little one! Their consistency is hard and crunchy, so they won’t melt in your kids backpack before they even get to school. With natural ingredients, and less sugar, your child will be kept full and satisfied for a busy day of learning. And last but not least, Stoka bars are delicious with multiple flavors for your kids to choose between.

  1.   Stoka Cereal

With a similar ingredient profile as our Stoka Bars, our almond cereal has all the hardcore crunch of cereal, with all the wholesome keto-friendly ingredients that put us on the map! At school, our cereal by itself is a great grab-and-go snack. Or if your kids need a quick bite to eat after school, pair our cereal with their favorite nut milk.

  1.   Greek Yogurt with Fruit and Stoka Bar or Cereal

One great thing about our products is that they are so versatile! For a snack that really packs in the protein punch, try mixing fruit and either our almond cereal or a crumbled Stoka bar into Greek yogurt (kind of acting as granola here). The awesome thing about this snack idea is that there are endless combinations and flavors for your kiddos to try!

  1.   Trail Mix

 We all love a good crunch factor in our trail mix without raising the amount of added sugar we are ingesting in that one snack. Try adding Stoka cereal to a handful of mixed nuts and dried fruit (optional) to create your own trail-mix masterpiece. Again, you can play around with different flavors and mixture combinations to keep your kids’ snacks fun, interesting and delicious!

  1.   Mini Cheesecakes

You may be thinking, cheesecakes, what??? but hear us out! One of our followers on Instagram created this awesome recipe for healthy, low-carb and low-sugar mini cheesecakes using some of our products and we most definitely approve! These mini cheesecakes are one healthy (and delicious) treat your kids will want to want to eat!


To try out any of these delicious, healthy, and quick snack ideas, check out what we have to offer, especially our newest flavor Peanut Chocolate Chip! As your kids head back to school this year, send them off with Stoka snacks to get their year started off on the right foot!


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